About Me

Hi, I’m Atul,

I was started working on my first blog from the Year 2018 to contribute my knowledge to the world of Software testing, Selenium, TestNG & other software testing automation tools Contents are simple and easy, for those who want to learn software Testing in real time.
At that time when I have entered the field, I was not aware of Java and Eclipse. I have faced lot many hurdles to understanding the way to write the code in Selenium and debugging those scripts in Eclipse.
In my career, I have explored a lot many websites for help, but they were having complex codes and language was tough to understand. Due to all those struggles, I want to publish the simpler way of code for new users of selenium so that they can understand even better.
Share your feedback and experiences to help me in improving the content of my blog. at :- atul[at]softwaretestingtalk.com

Little more About Me

I am having 14+ years of working knowledge in Software Testing which includes Manual as well as Automation Testing experience. The domain on which I worked upon Zoological, Real Estate, Banking, Ecomm.


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