Selenium WebDriver

This page is for who are looking to learn Selenium WebDriver online with easy Tutorial and want to automate web application, On this page, you can find basic as well as advanced concepts of Selenium WebDrivr.

To learn Selenium Webdriver visit below topics sequentially.

The Basic per-requisites to begin with Selenium WebDriver are –

1. JRE/JDK installed in your machine.
2. Install Eclipse IDE.
3. Basic knowledge of Core Java.

Basics Of Selenium WebDriver:
1. Selenium IDE.
2. Selenium IDE, RC And Grid.
3. First test script in Selenium WebDriver.
4. Meaning of WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();.
5. Working with all three browser Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and google chrome Using Selenium WebDriver.
6. Use of multiple browsers (firefox, Chrome, IE) using properties file?
7. What is Firefox profiler? Need of Firefox profile?

Locators in Selenium WebDriver –
1. Inspect Element in Firefox using firebug.
2. Locators in Selenium WebDriver to find webElement.
3. XPath in Selenium WebDriver and ways to customized XPath.
4. Difference between Relative & Absolute XPath.
Play with Web Objects using Selenium –
1. Work with Input Text Box and buttons in Selenium.
2. Fetch all links from web page using Selenium.
3. Difference Between findElement() and findElements() method.
4. Test broken links on webpage using selenium.
5. Element is present or not on webpage using selenium.
6. How to use drop down in Selenium.
7. How to use Radio Buttons in Selenium.
8. How to use Multiple Check Boxes in Selenium.
9. Synchronization using Selenium WebDriver

10. PageLoadTimeout Property in Selenium.
11. Window Handles in Selenium.
12. Manage Alerts in IE, Chrome and Mozilla using Selenium.
13. Hot Keys Simulation.
14. Registration Page test script using Selenium WebDriver.
15. Data table using Webdriver.
16. Handling Frames using Selenium.
17. Handling cookies.
18. Managing Javascript alerts.
19. Simulating forward, back, refresh button using selenium.
20. Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver
21. JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver?
22. DatePicker in Selenium?
23. What is driver.close(); and driver.quit();.
25. Integration of Selenium test script with TestNG Framework.
26. Integration of Selenium test script with Junit Framework.
27. Event Listeners.

Actions class in Selenium WebDriver
1. MouseHover,Right Click action in WebDriver.
2. Verify Tool Tip text using WebDriver
3. Drag and Drop using WebDriver?

Cheat Cods
1. Untrusted Certificate handle using Selenium.
2. Proxy setting using Selenium.
3. Take ScreenShot using Selenium.
4. Upload & Download using Selenium.
5. Read properties file in selenium.

1. JXL Introduction
2. Setup JXL in eclipse IDE
3. Read an excel 2003 (.xls) file using JXL.

Automation Frameworks –
1. Automation Framework in selenium?
2. Types of Test Automation in Selenium
a. Page Object Model (POM)
b. Data Driven Test Automation Framework
c. Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework
d. Hybrid Test Automation Framework

Log4j Tutorial –
1. Log4J.